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Kodomo No Kao Embossing Powder 5102-004 White

How To Use:

(1) Immediately sprinkle a generous amount of embossed powder on the part stamped with the separately sold embossed ink or the separately sold embossed pen.
* If it is too small, it may not adhere cleanly.

(2) After applying the powder evenly, remove the remaining powder other than the stamp part with a brush (sold separately) and return it to the bottle so that dust and dirt are not mixed.

(3) It is recommended to process with a special embossed heater (sold separately), but you can also process by laying aluminum foil on your hot plate.
* Be careful not to get powder on the plate.
* Be careful not to get burned during processing.

Color: White

Body size (approx.): Diameter 32 x height 68 mm

Capacity (approx.): 30cc