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Kokuyo Novita Photo Album EL Size Transparent For 80 Sheets

Description of item
● The width of the back changes according to the number of photos, so you can store photos compactly at any time!
● E / L size that can hold up to 80 photos!
● With a title sticker that is convenient for sorting!

Product specifications

External dimensions (height / width / back width): 98/163/ 11-28 *

Number of mounts: 40

Remarks: ● Recycled material usage / cover: R-PP10% ● Cover thickness / 0.75mm ● Pocket / sheet thickness /0.05mm * May change slightly depending on the climate.

● E / L size (1 step)
● Cover / R-PP 
● Pocket / PP
● Pocket / horizontal case
● Number of photos / E / L size 80 sheets
● An appropriate number of sheets can be stored in one pocket The number of sheets.
● Cover color / B Blue LG Light Green P Pink T Transparent Y Yellow * If the back width is wide, the width of the outer dimensions will be slightly smaller.

Number of catalog pages: Page 176