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Traveler's Notebook Regular Special Edition Train

This is a Traveler's Notebook limited to Travelers Factory Station.

On a brown leather cover, the traveler's train departing from Tokyo Station, the starting point of Japanese railways, is represented by gold stamping. On the cover of the refill set inside, the Traveler's Train is expressed with black stamping. The inner paper uses MD paper cream with excellent writing properties. A traveler's notebook is perfect for rail travel.

The Travelers Factory Station has a stamp that fits snugly in the blank space on the cover of the refill. If you have the opportunity to travel, please come and visit us.

Outer box Cotton case (fabric) Cover body (made of cowhide) Spare rubber band (orange)
Note refill (64 pages unlined / stitcher binding)

Outer box / H228 × W146 × D16mm Cotton case H240 × W150mm
Cover body / H240 × W120 × D10mm MADE IN THAILAND
Note Refill / H210 × W110 × D4mm MADE IN JAPAN

* Due to the characteristics of the leather material, the color, texture, and thickness may differ slightly. Please enjoy each taste.