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Midori Traveler's Notebook refill 003 - Blank Passport Size

This refill for the passport size Midori Traveler's Notebook contains white fountain pen friendly blank MD paper.

When you finished your paper refill to the last page, simply replace it with a new one. Just slip the paper refill underneath the elastic band. You can also easily add an additional paper refill to your TRAVELER’S notebook, for example to keep your your notes (on different subjects or projects) separated.

TRAVELER’S notebook is a Japanese type organizer with a roughly handcut leather cover, and an extensive, sophisticated program of paper refills
and plastic inserts for you to choose from to personalize your own notebook.

High quality paper is perfect for writing with a fountain pen as it does not ‘bleed’. Your pen will dance away, supporting your continuous stream of thoughts.

This is the 003 refill for use with the passport size Traveler's Notebook. It contains 64 blank pages of white MD Paper.

  • Size: Passport (90mm wide x 123mm high)
  • Contents: 64 blank pages
  • Source: Travelers Company Japan


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