Regular Size Refill 017 - Free Diary Monthly


A diary made in monthly format without dates. You can begin using it in any month you want.
You can begin your week either on Monday or Sunday. Just customize and use it like you want to.
Monthly schedule (for 14 months), blank pages, world map: 48 pages in total, MD Paper (saddle-stitched)

Made by Midori's best japanese paper, highest quality guarantee! whichever side of the world you're in!

Scribble your travel experiences by writing or anything your mind would come up with, there's really no limit to what a piece of paper would give if you just give it thought and some ink, I've seen dreams unfold during some travel sceneries, love rejoined and shattered and brought back anew again on these very pages, a journey yet to be found, just for you and your eyes alone.


This refill for the regular size Midori Traveler's Notebook measures 11cm x 21cm (approximately 4.33in x 8.25in), and contains 24 sheets (48 pages) of ivory fountain pen friendly MD paper. Binding is stitched. A diary made in monthly format without dates.

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