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Midori Wall Sticker Static Electricity Balloon Pattern

4 sheets (large balloon x 2, medium balloon x 5, small balloon x 4, title ribbon x 2, arrow x 6, star x 11, heart x 3, musical note x 1)

Material: Made of PP

Balloon large/about H80 x W105mm, balloon medium/about H50 x W60mm,
Balloon small / about H40 x W55mm, title ribbon / about H45 x W170mm,
Arrow/Approx. H23 x W55mm

Notes on use
● It can be applied to smooth flat surfaces such as window glass, mirrors, wooden doors, steel, melanin veneers, concrete, and wallpaper.

● It is not a sticker that can be peeled off repeatedly. Static electricity is trapped between the two films, and that force sticks to the wall, so it will not stain the wall after it is removed. However, if static electricity is lost, it cannot be generated again.

● Although the position can be adjusted immediately after pasting, it will become fixed to the wall and difficult to move over time.

● Wipe off dust and dirt on the surface to be pasted before pasting.

● When storing, avoid direct sunlight and store flat at room temperature.

● This product is not intended for outdoor use.