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Mizutama Deco Character Illustration Lesson

Let's design the letters loosely

A lesson book of deco characters and drawing (illustration) characters by three illustrators who are very popular in illustration books.

In addition to tech that adds hiragana, katakana, alphabets (uppercase and lowercase letters) and illustrations, we will also introduce tech that makes it stand out using decorative rules, frames, speech bubbles, etc.

[Main contents]

Chapter 1 Lesson on how to draw deco characters

◆ mizutama's retro cute characters

◆ Hiromi Shimada's cute adult characters

◆ Takahashi Nana's dream cute characters

Chapter 2 Deco character plus mizutama illustration

Chapter 3 In addition to deco characters, Hiromi still illustration

Chapter 4 Deco characters plus Takahashi na illustration

Chapter 5 Nicely designed with deco character illustrations

Designed by three authors who actually write deco characters on cards and the like.