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Mizutama Notebook A6 Long (Girl Pink)

Collaborative development of popular illustrator Mizutama and TSUTAYA! The second installment of "Favorite Mono Record Book"!

Five features that are not just cute
(1) Easy-to-hold new book size.
(2) Thin and easy to put in your pocket.
(3) The cover is matte PP processed with a smooth texture, and illustrations are printed on both sides of the cover as well as the spine.
(4) The inner paper is made of high-quality paper, Kinbishi, which is compatible with ballpoint pens and is hard to strike through even with a fountain pen.
(5) For bookbinding, the PU material "PUR" is used to achieve beautiful perfect binding.

[Product Specifications] Vertical 173mm x Horizontal 105mm Thickness 5mm, 96 pages