Mono Graph Zero Pencil With Eraser

Mono Graph Zero Pencil With Eraser

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 It is a professional specification full-fledged sharp pen that realizes "high quality" and "high precision" "write" "erase". 

By installing a 2.3 mm diameter protruding type ultra-fine mono eraser in drafting sharp which enables precise writing, it is possible to erase a part of characters, a single line, etc. at pinpoint. 

By adopting a fixed guide pipe of 4 mm at the pen tip, high visibility is realized! 

It is a low center of gravity design that satisfies the metal low-red grip and drafting application that makes it possible to write with stability that is hard to slip. 

It is a high class series of pencil "monograph".

Core diameter: 0.5 mm 

Size: Φ 93 × 148 mm