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Oola Happy Stationery Rubber Stamp - Cozy Neighbourhood

What come into your mind when you hear the word "Japan"? The brand's designer, Yulia has moved to Japan and started her new life there. She thought of the little cozy backstreets, numerous tress and bushes, cute plants in flowerpots around the neighbourhood, and the air conditioners which are turned into some sort of shelves for plants; she thought of the countless vending machines she encountered even in the tiniest backstreets in Japan; she thought of the retro style postbox that she loves a lot.

The designer has introduced this new collection of rubber stamps to express her loves for the cozy atmosphere while walking around the neighbourhoods in Japanese cities. How could something so normal in our dailylife become something such heartwarming? Perhaps it is some sort of magic.

These rubber stamps would be great for adorning your journals pages, scrapbooks, outgoings and many other occasions. By applying different colour of ink pads on these rubber stamps, we believe that you are able to create a beautiful and alluring vibe on your pages or outgoings.

Size: 30x50mm

Designed by Oola Happy Stationery