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The Happy Planner Value Pack Stickers - Budget

The 1,424-piece Happy Planner® Budget Value Pack Stickers are designed to accompany a classic-sized budget planner or Happy Notes™. The stickers can be used to help you reach your financial goals with trackers, challenges, and other functional stickers.

- 1,424 stickers across 30 pages.

- Features rainbow coloring (purple, blue, pink, orange, green) and silver foil accents.

- Designed to fit the Classic Happy Planner® and Classic Happy Notes™.

- Stickers with inspirational and fun quotes including, “Girls just want to have funds.”

- Budget Stickers | Weekly budget review, weekly spending, bill payment, account balances.

- Challenge stickers | no-spend challenge stickers and savings challenge.

- Prep Stickers | shopping, eating out, movies, medical, emergency spending stickers.

- Color-coordinated stickers for cars, rainy days, gas, home, heat, electric, shopping, and more.