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Traveler's Factory 10th Anniversary Notebook Refill ST Ultralight Paper Craft

A refill made to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Travelers Factory.

We made 10 kinds of refills made of various papers, which are related to the theme of the 10th anniversary, 10 people and 10 colors.

This is a refill that binds ultra-lightweight paper craft.

B-Sides & Rarities' ultra-lightweight paper released in March is white oil resistant paper, but this is the same paper color and craft before bleaching. Since it uses paper that is difficult for oil to pass through, it is also characterized by being difficult to strike through even when written with a fountain pen. The unique crispy paper texture is also attractive.

The number of pages is half that of a normal refill, so feel free to try it.

Medium paper / 64 pages Unlined [Unbleached oil resistant paper] Stitcher binding

Material: Paper

Size: H210 x W110 x D2mm