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Traveler's Factory Coffee Candy Love And Trip Beige

Inside is an original taste coffee candy made for Travelers Factory by Miyagawa Confectionery, a long-established candy maker that has been making candies in Nakameguro, Tokyo for 80 years. The raw materials are only domestic sugar, starch syrup, and Brazilian coffee, and no additives such as flavors or colorings are used. The fragrant sweetness of carefully cooked sugar and starch syrup makes the slight bitterness of coffee a habit.

The cotton bag can be used as a drawstring bag as it is after eating the candy. It is a mini size of 13 cm in length and 10 cm in width, which is ideal for storing stationery accessories, smartphone chargers, and earphones.

It is a convenient size for storing adhesive plasters and regular medicines, which is useful in case of an emergency. Along with the message of LOVE AND TRIP, it is a bag that you always want to carry with you with important things.

Expired Date: 2023