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Traveler's Factory Katsuya Terada Sketch Spiral Ring Notebook

This is a collaboration spiral ring note of Katsuya Terada and Travelers Company, which was produced in commemoration of the publication of "Katsuya Terada SKETCH", a collection of sketches and drawings by Katsuya Terada, an illustrator and manga artist who has many fans overseas.

Mr. Terada, who always draws whenever and wherever he notices, is also a heavy user of spiral ring notebooks. On the cover, the illustration drawn by Mr. Katsuya Terada is expressed with matt black foil stamping. For the middle paper, Mr. Terada also uses the perfect paper for drawing illustrations and MD paper white with a taiko stamp. 200 pages of white paper that you can comfortably write from ballpoint pens and pencils to fountain pens. Please carry it with you and draw freely anytime, anywhere.

Spiral ring notebooks are made by manually binding rings one by one.

Medium paper / MD paper, 100 sheets (200 pages) without rules, spiral ring binding (gold)

Material: MD paper

Size: H218 x W130 x D18 mm