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Traveler's Factory Leather Case Small Nail Cut Brown

A leather case exclusively for Kiya's "Nail Cut Black Small (with cover)".

Kiya is a long-established store of cutlery founded in the Edo period. The nail clippers are attractive because of the sharpness unique to Made in Japan.

Among them, the small "Nail Cut Black Small (with cover)" that fits in the palm of your hand is the perfect size to carry around in your travels and everyday life.

At that time, I thought it would be nice if there was a special case that could be stored exactly. Traveller's Note Because it uses brown leather, it is also attractive that the color changes to a tasteful color as you use it. It's a case that makes it a little fun to carry around in a pouch or bag.

Size: Body / H70 × W25 × D20mm
Material: Cowhide