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Traveler's Notebook Olive Edition Set

-Notebook Package Contents-
■ Cotton case / H240 × W150mm made of cloth
■ Cover body / H218 x W130 x D10 mm made of cowhide
■ Note refill / H210 × W110mm, middle paper / 64 pages, unlined paper
■ Spare rubber band / olive

-Brass Ballpoint Pen-
A brass ballpoint pen painted in olive color. Based on a brass ballpoint pen, I made a large head ring so that it can be fastened to the attached hook parts. By adjusting the length of the strap, you can hang it around your neck or tie it to your bag, and you can carry it around outdoors or on a trip. You can also remove the clip for use.

-Pen Holder-
A pen holder with olive-colored leather that can be used with the Traveler's Notebook Olive Edition.

With the Traveler's Note Olive Edition in hand, spend every day as if you were traveling in the unexplored wilderness of a traveler.
Have a nice trip into the wild with TRAVELER’S notebook OLIVE EDITION!