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Traveler's Factory Roll Sticker Limited Express Train Headmark Square

A roll sticker designed with the motif of the head mark of a limited express train.

Limited express trains, whose role is changing with the advent of the Shinkansen, featured a head mark proudly displayed on the front of the train. The head mark, which is designed with famous places and symbols from all over Japan, makes you feel nostalgic and at the same time makes you feel like traveling.

Inside the box, there are 10 rolls of 5 types of stickers, "Swan", "Azusa", "Mutsu", "Hibari", and "Hakutaka", for a total of 50 stickers, so of course, you can customize your notebooks and cards. Feel free to use it as a gift or envelope sticker.

Sticker / 50 pieces included
Material / Paper

Package / H70 × W70 × D35mm