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Traveler's Factory TAGGED Laundry Pen 0.7

A laundry pen recommended for use with B-Sides & Rarities wash-resistant paper.

A special pen made by a cleaning tag manufacturer for laundry shops, which is used to write the control number, dirt position, precautions for washing, etc. on the tag. Therefore, even if you write on the wash-resistant paper refill with this pen, and then wash it, the characters will not fall off.

Since it is a gel ink pen with water-based pigments, it can be written on ordinary paper, and it has a good writing quality, so it is also recommended as a pen for everyday use.

Also, because it is a pen that does not fall off even when washed, it can also be used as a gen carrier for examinees.

Material: Aqueous pigment gel ink pen

Size: diameter shaft diameter 11 × total length 141mm

Ball diameter: 0.7 mm