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Travelers Notebook Customized Sticker Set For Diary 2019

The 2019 Traveler's refills are now available to order. And we will begin shipping then.

This years sticker set for customizing the Traveler's notebook includes index and pocket stickers, icon stickers to represent different plans, and stickers to decorate the cover. The 2019 version features designs with a music theme.

The customizing stickers feature design motifs related to music, including musical instruments such as guitars, trumpets, and pianos, as well as cassettes players and records. The pocket stickers can store items such as business cards, other cards, and stamps & feature a cassette tape-like design. A new addition to the sticker set is a sheet of dry transfer letter stickers. In addition to customizing the cover, it is suggested to use these stickers to try writing out your favorite band names and your own name on the cassette tape pocket stickers and title areas.

  • Brand : Traveler's Company
  • Type : 2019 dated stickers
  • Quantity : 6 Sticker Sheets