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TRC Brass Rollerball Pen Factory Green

Limited color "Factory Green" brass rollerball pen.
The brass rollerball pen is compact when you carry it around and easy to use when writing.
In addition, since you can use a cartridge for a fountain pen, you can enjoy the smooth writing comfort and clear taste of handwriting peculiar to a rollerball pen with ink of a color unique to a fountain pen such as blue black.

Along with the texture of brass that changes in taste as you use it, the appearance as a high-quality tool created by Japanese craftsmen is also attractive. The top has a ring to which you can attach hooks and strings. You can also use it without a clip by removing the ring parts.

As a pen that you can easily use fountain pen ink, you can roughly insert it into the pen holder of the Traveler's notebook or throw it in your pocket as it is, and you can easily carry it anywhere anytime, from daily memo writing to letters to loved ones.

Package / H38 × W112 × D19mm Body / Diameter 11 × H102mm