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Yorimichi Note 02 Kamakura / Shonan

The magazine “OZmagazine / Oz Magazine”, which introduces Kanto-area shops and sights in a polite and warm space and conveys the fun of Michi, is based on the spiral ring notebook “Yorichi Michi Note 02 Kamakura / Shonan "is.

“Yorichi Michinote” includes four recommended spots for each area, along with a white map of the area where you can enjoy the Sanpo carefully selected by the Oz Magazine editorial department. In addition, there is a free page where you can write your impressions and post shop cards. This is a wonderful notebook filled with the thoughts of “Oz Magazine” that people want to spend a good day through “more ways” in daily life.

The second stage of Zono, "Kamakura / Shonan Yorichi no Michi Note" appears. From Kamakura Station area to Yuigahama, Kakinuma coast, Enoshima, Hayama, Chigasaki, Odawara, we introduce recommended spots on the map of 30 locations in the Shonan area centering on Kamakura.

There are also plenty of free pages and columns where you can find what you found in Sanpo and what you thought. It is a perfect notebook for a walk around town starting from Kamakura. In addition, we use original design writing paper and MD paper used for traveler's notes. You can write comfortably from pencils to fountain pens. Kamakura and Shonan Eri are close to Tokyo and have many attractions. Please take this opportunity.

Kamakura Station East Exit / Komachi Street, Kamakura Station West Exit-Ogigaya, Kamakura Station West Exit-Onari Street, Kamakura Station East Exit-Omachi, Tsuruoka Hachimangu-Nikaido, Yuigahama Street, Hase, Gokurakuji Temple-Inamura Gasaki, Shichirigahama, Timber Theater, Koshigoe, Enoshima, Suganuma Coast, Nishi Kamakura-Kamakurayama, Fukasawa-Sugawara, Kita Kamakura, Ofuna, Otsubo, Choshi, Hayama (sea side), Hayama (mountain side), Chojagasaki-Akaya, Yokosuka, Misaki, Fujisawa, Tsujido , Chigasaki, Hiratsuka, Oiso, Odawara